“His Flower, His Treasure”

“His Flower, His Treasure” tagline:
Kelvin’s forced to prioritize his wants, desires, and possibly his own life upon tracking down a hidden treasure, and the secret guardian.

Where to read this story:

Seventh Star Press

Edited by Michael Knost

“The Reaper’s Fire”

“The Reaper’s Fire” tagline:
Dana leads her boyfriend out into a cornfield on Halloween night to learn the identity of an arsonist who terrorized their small town in past years. There in the cornfield, among the drying husks, she contemplates her relationship with her father.

Where to read this book:

Crystal Lake Publishing

Edited by Monique Snyman

From reviews:
“Cain builds up his main character by basing her on a recognisable stereotype (the popular cheerleader) and then giving her layers, quite the feat for such a short story. The author handles the revelation of the culprit wonderfully well and delivers a satisfying ending.” ~ This Is Horror

“By The Crescent Moon”

“By The Crescent Moon” tagline:
A disobedient cat leads its owner into a foggy night filled with chaos and happenstance.

(This is included in Darker Days).

Where to read this story:

Charon Coin Press

Edited by Jerry E. Benns

“Hired Hand”

“Hired Hand” tagline:
A drunkard gunslinger is forced to standoff against horrible plague local miners brought back with them into town. But if he means to succeed, Hanlin must also find the courage to accept his troubled past.

Where to read this story:

Digital Fiction Publishing

Digital Fiction Publishing

Science Fiction Trails

Edited by David B. Riley

From reviews:
“For anyone who has watched Philip Kaufman’s The Invasion of the Body Snatchers or (pick any zombie movie) this is the sort of feeling you get from reading this.” ~ SF Site

“A Ring For His Own”

“A Ring For His Own” tagline:
When a peculiar man arrives in town selling jewelry, Marshal Ben Donegal finds himself caught in a predicament that may change his life forever.

(This is included in Darker Days).

Where to read this story:

Post Mortem Press

Edited by Paul Michael Anderson


“Mantid” tagline:
A boy tasked with retrieving a crayfish discovers a far more terrifying creature.

(This is included in Darker Days).

Where to read this story:

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

Edited by Max Booth III


“Fragments” tagline:
Caleb is a special boy whose hunger outweighs any other need. But in his pursuit of sustenance he encounters someone he hadn’t expected.

(This is included in These Old Tales)

Where to read this story:

Horrified Press