“A Window to Dream By”

Synopsis of my story:
A business man finds himself victim to a seductive creature, and his obsession with her escalates until nothing else matters. (This story is included in EMBERS).

Of Devils & Deviants – edited by Adam and Zoë-Ray Millard:

Table of Contents:


Synopsis of my story:
A private investigator learns of the special power contained within an old camera. (This story is included in DARKER DAYS).

Exigencies – edited by Richard Thomas:

Table of Contents:

  • “Queen Excluder” by David James Keaton
  • “Wilderness” by Letitia Trent
  • “Ceremony of the White Dog” by Kevin Catalano
  • “Going Home” by Usman Malik
  • “My Mother’s Condition” by Faith Gardner
  • “Blood Price” by Axel Tairi
  • “After Lo” by Pela Via
  • “Heirloom” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • “The Owl and the Cigarette” by Amanda Gowin
  • “Single Lens Reflection” by Jason Metz
  • “Monster Season” by Joshua Blair
  • “Cat Calls” by Rebecca Jones-Howe
  • “Figure Eight” by Brendan Detzner
  • “The Eye Liars” by Sarah Read
  • “Searching for Gloria” by Bill Johnson
  • “And All Night Long We Have Not Stirred” by Barbara Duffey
  • “Everything In Its Place” by Adam Peterson
  • “Brujeria for Beginners” by Marytza Rubio
  • “The Mother” by Nathan Beauchamp
  • “The Armadillo” by Heather Foster
  • “Fragile Magic” by Alex Kane
  • “Desert Ghosts” by Mark Jakowski

“Passing Time”

Synopsis of my story:
A woman’s life unfolds while watching her family get ready for their day. (This story is included in DARKER DAYS).

Spirits of St. Louis:
Missouri Ghost Stories – edited by Robin Tidwell:

Lonely Hitchhikers. Dirt Roads. Tired Soldiers. Strange Children. Mysterious Ladies. Dark Houses. What do they have in common? They all haunt the pages of this book.

From the Lemp Mansion to The Exorcist, from the 1904 World’s Fair to Jefferson Barracks, the history of St. Louis, Missouri and its surrounding river towns is filled with stories of haunts and the supernatural.

Authors included in this anthology:
  • Pablo Baum
  • Larry D Brown
  • Kenneth W. Cain
  • Malcolm Campbell
  • Janet Cannon
  • Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
  • Kathryn Cureton
  • J.K. Dark
  • Gerald Dlubala
  • Pat Dorsey
  • Ed Farber
  • Nathan Feuerberg
  • Robert Holtgrewe
  • C.V. Hunt
  • Wendy Klein
  • John Kujawski
  • Rebecca Lacy
  • M J Logan
  • Conny Manero
  • Sean McLachlan
  • Schevus Osborne
  • Caryn Pine
  • Anastasia Robinson
  • J.T. Seate
  • Jacqueline Seewald
  • Rose Shomaker
  • Tommy Smith
  • Curtis Thomas
  • Donna Volkenannt
  • Anna Roberts Wells
  • Dacia Wilkinson

“The Patrol”

Synopsis of my story:
A soldier dreads the solitude of a foxhole while the patrol spies on the enemy. All is quiet until a peculiar visitor surprises him. (This story first appeared in THESE OLD TALES)


Welcome to the dreaded night realm… lingering just beneath your eyelids, where the hellish things borne of fear eagerly await your arrival. Prepare to be whiplashed to the darkest regions of 32 wicked minds, and forced to stare into their collective abyss. This world is chock-full of the stuff dreams are made of, but more than likely, if you find yourself in the minds of one of these authors, you’ll awaken to a nightmare. This fear you’re experiencing is like a virus, it will spread to every inch of your body, sending not only a chill down your spine but reaching into the very depths of your soul… You’ll journey to the darkest corners of these author’s minds, as you confront the living, breathing entity that is fear.

Table of Contents:

  • “Desperate Dreams” by Chantal Boudreau
  • “Dose” by Jay Wilburn
  • “Chosen” by Rebecca Besser
  • “Virtual Black” by Todd Nelsen
  • “Dreamer” by Ben Pienaar
  • “Silent Scream” by Scarlet Norton-Duperre
  • “MacKenzie’s Rose” by Rie Sheridan Rose
  • “If You Should Die Before I Wake” by Josh Strnad
  • “Flesh” by James S. Dorr
  • “Dialogues with the Dead” by Kate Monroe
  • “Seven Snowy Deaths” by K. Trap Jones
  • “Nightmare” by Rick McQuiston
  • “Shadow” by Mathias Jansson
  • “Knock Knock” by Joel M. Kremer
  • “7 Hours” by Max Booth III
  • “Whispers” by Mark Slade
  • “Gateway Drug” by Lindsey Beth Goddard
  • “Rêve Noir” by Eli Wilde
  • “A Daffodil or Tulip Shan’t Compare” by Justin Tate
  • “Phantom Flirts” by Justin Tate
  • “The House on Cedar Street” by Sean Farren
  • “The Twenty” by Ray J. Robbio
  • “The Boy Who Usually Wasn’t There” by Allan Izen
  • “The Patrol” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • “Arcticus” by Greg McWhorter
  • “The New Gaoler” by Konstantine Paradias
  • “Special Delivery” by Wiiliam Holden
  • “Oh Baby!” by Patrick O’ Scheen
  • “Apep” by Joseph A. Pinto
  • “Daydream” by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
  • “The Ferryman” by Suzie Lockhart & Bruce Lockhart 2nd
  • “Mr Creator” by Joe McKinney

Fresh Cut Tales

“Solid combination from a writer to watch.” — Mort Castle, Bram Stoker Award winning author of New Moon on the Water

From the author of the short story collection These Old Tales comes Fresh Cut Tales: A Collection of Dark Fiction. In his youth Cain developed a sense of wonderment owed in part to TV shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, One Step Beyond and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Now Cain seeks the same dark overtones in his writing. There’s a little something for every reader within this collection. These sixteen short speculative stories are a winding road of pain where each curve may not be seen. These are the freshest cuts from Cain’s mind.

“Enthralling, eclectic collection of unputdownable speculative fiction.” — Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Black & Orange and Bottled Abyss

  • Of Shadows – Somewhere beyond this world are places where the innocent are tested. This story is about such a place. Can Ellen escape her reality?
  • Avenged – Life doesn’t matter when it comes to avenging death. Cole Stryder tries to account for the murder of his men, but matters unfold unexpectedly.
  • Ordering Out – A troubled bloodsucker has difficulty obtaining sustenance.
  • Perfect Little Hands – Dallas faces the truth about his relationship to his stepdaughter at her funeral.
  • Inside Out – Richie Harden tells his story to a local reporter, detailing facts about a handicapped boy who isn’t as bad off as he seems.

“Expect the unexpected in this macabre and thoroughly entertaining collection.” — Mike Davis, The Lovecraft Ezine

  • Shards – Gerald, a man who has long avoided children, must now face the reality of his demented nature.
  • Twist of Pain – A short, troubling journey home is enough to break young Sarah.
  • Old Habits – A man and wife find their marriage split by an undead situation.
  • In the Shadow of the Equine – Finding themselves trapped on a scenic island with a mob of mind~controlled zealots, a man desperately tries to protect his son.
  • Split Ends – A bizarre hair disease follows a woman’s family history, but can her daughter escape the infliction?

“Twisted tales that are guaranteed to keep you up at night.” — Michael McCarty, author of I Kissed a Ghoul

  • Spaceship Earth – A hiking trip reveals unexplained mysteries that endanger Earth. Some places aren’t meant to be discovered.
  • Warmth Within They Depths – In the vast unwater world, exploration reveals unexpected horrors.
  • Never Free – Small towns fables are often shared among children, but none so harrowing as that of the Easton Park Statue.
  • Ahote’s Spirit – A Native~American discovers a creature unlike any other.
  • Rebirth – A scientist attempts to soothe his daughter about the loss of her mother.
  • Redpath, Stu – A classic themed horror story finds Steven in an isolated diner, enjoying the company of old~timers.

Draw up the covers and turn on the lights. Prepare for a journey into the weird, wild, and creepy in this collection of dark fiction stories.

Reviews for FRESH CUT TALES:




Synopsis of my story:
A primitive man finds himself changing and unable to grasp why his own people now look upon him as an abomination. (This story is included in EMBERS).

THE LOVECRAFT EZINE – edited by Mike Davis:

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by the editor, Mike Davis
  • Cthulhu Does Stuff, #3 by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson
  • Echoes from Cthulhu’s Crypt, #2 by Robert M. Price
  • “Less a Dream Than This We Know” by Christopher M. Cevasco
  • “The Horror Under the City” by Kevin Crisp
  • “How Rare are Light and Life” by J.T. Glover
  • “The Basalt Obelisk” by Michael Wen
  • “Evolved” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • Cosmic Terror from Poe to Lovecraft, an essay by Sandro D. Fossemo


Synopsis of my story:
When a woman comes in between two brothers, Aiden is left feeling a need to check up on his brother. But when his brother calls him asking for help, Aiden soon discovers the wedge driven between them is more than only love. (This story is included in EMBERS).

Reviews for my story:
“Another standout is “Parasite” by Kenneth W. Cain. This one neatly fits into the horror category. Aiden reluctantly feels obligated to take care of his brother, even though he doesn’t like his brother very much. One day when Neil (the brother) doesn’t answer the phone, Aiden goes over there…and has to go into the basement (always a spooky place), only to find that Neil is drastically changed. “Parasite” is a graphic, gripping tale and I enjoyed it.” ~ The Horror Zine

FEAR THE ABYSS – edited by Eric Beebe:

Description from Amazon:

Rue Morgue Magazine says … “The stories are so beautifully descriptive, imaginative, and well-crafted, but they are also ripe with dread and inner turmoil… the pervasive feeling of helplessness on display here could run even the most seasoned horror reader emotionally ragged, especially because the book’s near impossible to put down once started. Stare into the abyss, but only if you dare get lost in it.” 

“…FEAR THE ABYSS is a truly terrifying collection that combines a slick blend of experimental and speculative sci-fi with both gruesome and psychological horror….The stores are beautifully descriptive, imaginative, and well-crafted, but they are also ripe with dread and inner turmoil….the book’s near-impossible to put down once started.” 

FEAR THE ABYSS brings the shocks, one disturbing jolt after another. These are tales from the bleeding edge of modern horror fiction. Highly recommended.” -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of ASSASSIN’S CODE and FLESH & BONE

We stare into the abyss, hoping to learn, to understand. But the abyss is cold and uncaring.

Post Mortem Press presents twenty-two unique visions of the fear of the unknown.
Stories from authors nominated and awarded some of the most prestigious honors in genre fiction:Hugo, Nebula, Aurora, Bram Stoker™, and many others.
These writers understand fear.

Includes award-winning genre classics from masters of the unknown, Harlan Ellison® and Jack Ketchum.

Table of Contents:

  • “Cutting the Cord” – Joseph Williams
  • “Extraction” – Jessica McHugh
  • “Amid the Walking Wounded” – Jack Ketchum
  • “A Box of Candy” – Nelson W. Pyles
  • “That Which Does Not Kill You” – Matt Moore
  • “Human Caverns” – Lawrence C. Connolly
  • “The American” – S.C. Hayden
  • “What’s Left Behind” – C. Bryan Brown
  • “Always Something There To Remind Me” – Gary Braunbeck
  • “Neptune Dreams” – Rose Blackthorn
  • “Broken Promises” – Jamie Lackey
  • “The Great Ocean of Truth” – Tim Waggoner
  • “Graphic Violence Equalizer” – Michael Arnzen
  • “Parasite” – Kenneth W. Cain
  • “If Thine Eye Offend Thee” – Thomas Malafarina
  • “Seeing” – Harlan Ellison®
  • “A Nice Town With Very Clean Streets” – Paul Anderson
  • “The Nostalgiac” – Robert Essig
  • “Life After Dead” – Jeyn Roberts
  • “Andrew and the Better Mouse Trap” – KT Jayne
  • “They Still Sing Beautifully” – Brad Carter
  • “What We Found” – Andrew Nienaber