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Long Fiction:

Storm Shadows (JournalStone Publishing, 2021)
From Death Reborn (Crossroads Press, 2022)
A Season in Hell (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018)
Monster Breath (Crossroads Press, TBD)
          • Emergence
Pack Animals (Crossroads Press, TBD)
          *Includes the new short story “Inhuman.”
• The Infinite Cycle
          • These Trespasses: Book 1 (Crossroads Press, 2022)
                    *Includes the new short story “Eggs in the Attic.”
          • Grave Revelations: Book 2 (Crossroads Press, 2022)
                    *Includes the new short story “Good Brother.”
• Reckoning: Book 3 
(Crossroads Press, 2022)
Alexin (Distressed Press, 2015)

Short Fiction:

• “Inhuman” Pack Animals (Crossroads Press, TBD)
• “Good Brother” (Grave Revelations: Book 2 of the Infinite Cycle (Crossroads Press, 2022)
• “Eggs in the Attic” (These Trespasses: Book 1 of the Infinite Cycle (Crossroads Press, 2022)
• “Goombahs in the Graveyard” (Picnic in the Graveyard, Cemetery Gates Media, 2022)
• “The Man in the Monster” (Crystal Lake Publishing, November 2021)
• “Heart Beat, Pig Meat” (Coming Through in Waves: A Charity Anthology, Gutter Books, 2021)
• “Shattered World” (Campfire Macabre, Cemetery Gates Media, 2021)
• “Variance” (One of Us: A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington, Bloodshot Books, 2020)
• “Dog Eat God” (Midnight in the Pentagram, Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2020)
• “Dog Days” (Midnight in the Graveyard, Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2019)
• “Standing Tall” (Shallow Waters Vol.2, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2019)
• “Malignant” (Co-authored with Steve Thompson. Shallow Waters Vol.2, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2019)
• “Not Your Average Monster” (Shallow Waters Vol.1, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2019)
• “Detrition of War” (When the Clock Strikes 13, In Your Face Books, 2019)
Darker Days (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018)

• “A Ring for His Own” (Jamais Vu,  Issue #3, Post Mortem Press, 2014)
• “Heirloom” (Exigencies: A Neo-Noir Anthology, Dark House Press, 2015)
• “Rust Colored Rain”
• “Prey”
• “Passing Time” (Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories, Rocking Horse Publishing, 2013)
• “What Mama Needs”
• “My Brother Bit Your Honor Roll Student”
• “Outcasts: The Sick and Dying 1 – Henry Wentworth”
• “The Sanguine Wars”
• “The Hunted” (44 Lies by 22 Liars: A Flourish of Flash from the Fabulous Fibbers, Post Mortem Press, 2016)
• “Her Living Corals” (Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning, Firbolg Publishing, 2014)
• “Puppet Strings”
• “The Trying of Master Willam”
• “By The Crescent Moon” (State of Horror: North Carolina, Charon Coin Press, 2015)
• “Mantid” (Truth or Dare?, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 2014)
• “The Underside of Time and Space”
• “Outcasts: The Sick and Dying 2 – Gemma Nyle”
• “The Griffon”
• “Adaptable” (44 Lies by 22 Liars: A Flourish of Flash from the Fabulous Fibbers, Post Mortem Press, 2016)
• “When They Come”
• “The Reassignment Project”
• “Presage”
• “One Hopeless Night by a Clan Fire”
• “Lenny’s New Eyes”
• “Outcasts: The Sick and Dying 3 – Anna Kilpatrick”
• “A Very Different Sort of Apocalypse”

Embers (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2017)

• “The Chamber”
• “Valerie’s Window”
• “A Window to Dream By” (Of Devils & Deviants: An Anthology of Erotic Horror, Crowded Quarantine Publishing, 2014)
• “Each New Day Unknown”
• “Gone”
• “Under the Drift of Snow is Another World”
• “Blackbird’s Breath”
• “Desolate” (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018)
• “Lost in the Woods”
• “Final Breaths”
• “Closer”
• “Flocking Birds”
• “Pirouette”
• “To Save One Life”
• “Of Both Worlds”
• “Breathing Cave”
• “Soul Tapped”
• “The Water People”
• “Water Snake”
• “Evolved” (The Lovecraft eZine, Issue #24, The Lovecraft eZine, 2013)
• “Buried Beneath the Old Chicago Swamp”
• “The Bad Men”
• “Parasite” (Fear the Abyss: 22 Terrifying Tales of Cosmic Horror, Post Mortem Press, 2012)
• “Strip Poker, Crabs, and Blue Women”
• “The Benefit of Being Weighty”

Mechanisms of Abnormality (TBD)

Select stories from these two books may be included in the above collection:
Fresh Cut Tales (Distressed Press, 2013)

• “Of Shadows”
• “Avenged” (Gunslingers & Ghost Stories, Science Fiction Trails, 2012)
• “Ordering Out” (Dark Moon Presents: Vampires!, Dark Moon Digest, 2011)
• “Perfect Little Hands”
• “Inside Out”
• “Shards”
• “Twist of Pain”
• “Old Habits” (Dead Souls: 17 Terrifying ZOMBIE Tales, Post Mortem Press, 2011; Digital Fiction Publishing, 2016; Daunting Deviations, Digital Fiction Publishing, 2016)
• “In The Shadow of The Equine” (Torn Realities: Inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Other Worlds, Post Mortem Press, 2012; Hydrophobia: A Charity Anthology for Victims  of Hurricane Harvey, Stitched Smile Publications, 2017; Dark Tides: A Charity Anthology, Gestalt Media LLC, 2019)
• “Split Ends”
• “Spaceship Earth” (Doomology, The Library of the Living Dead, 2011; Memento Mori, Digital Fiction Publishing, 2017)
• “Warmth Within Thy Depths” (Isolation, Post Mortem Press, 2010; Dark Doorways: 18 Tales of Terror, Post Mortem Press, 2011)
• “Never Free”
• “Ahote’s Spirit” (Knightwatch Press, 2012)
• “Rebirth” (The Ghost IS the Machine, Post Mortem Press, 2012)
• “Redpath, Stu”

These Old Tales (Distressed Press, 2012)

• “The Patrol” (Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers, Horrified Press, 2014)
• “Molt”
• “Satisfied”
• “Gladiator David”
• “After the Ocolitz”
• “The Necessary Bits”
• “Nocturnal”
• “An Eye Remembered”
• “Pieces”
• “The Lucky Shrimp”
• “Empty Spaces”
• “Visitors” (Dark Bits, Apokrupha, 2013)
• “Working From Home”
• “What’s This Line For?”
• “The Evil Within”
• “Meeting Roger”
• “The Daily News”
• “Moving On”
• “Silt”
• “Limbs”
• “New Life”
• “Dark Reflections”
• “Fragments” (Fractured Realms, Horrified Press, 2014)
• “Edgar’s Church”
• “Anger, Hurt, Pain”
• “Branded”
• “The Regrettable”
• “The Way Out”
• “Determination”
• “Harvest”

• “His Flower, His Treasure” (Between the Lines, Seventh Star Press, 2016)
• “The Reaper’s Fire” (Tales from The Lake Vol.3, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2016)
• “Hired Hand” (Six-Guns Straight From Hell 2, Science Fiction Trails, 2014; Largely Deceased, Digital Fiction Publishing, 2016; Digital Fiction Publishing, 2016)
• “Night of the Fireworks” (Vignettes from the End of the World, Apokrupha, 2014)


• “This Tired Old Life” (HWA Poetry Showcase Volume V, Horror Writers Association, 2018)
• “Love, the Cruelest Monster” (HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV, Horror Writers Association, 2017)

As Editor:

Never Wake (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2023)
Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind (Brigids Gate Press, 2022)
Midnight From Beyond The Stars (Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2021)
One of Us: A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington (Bloodshot Books, 2020)
Survive With Me (Alien Agenda Publishing, 2020)
Midnight in the Pentagram (Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2020)
Midnight in the Graveyard (Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2019)
When the Clock Strikes 13 (In Your Face Books, 2019)
Tales from The Lake Vol.5 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018)


• “Jump Scares: Creating Tension Without Gimmicks” (The Horror Writer: A Study of Craft and Identity in the Horror Genre, Hellbound Books Publishing, 2020)
• “In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity” (Writers on Writing Vol. 4, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2016; Writers on Writing Vol.1-4, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2016)
• “Thumb on the Button” (Horror 101: The Way Forward, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2014)

Early Reader Fiction/Comics:

The Big Book of Monsters & Friends  (Revised edition TBD, Snips & Snails Press, 2014)

These books are included in The Big Book of Monsters & Friends.
Math Is For Mummies (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
Frankie’s Alphabet (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
3 Fun Tales About Monsters (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
When Vampires Eat Fast Food & Cooking with Monsters (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
Hardy the Allergic Cat & Willy the Wrong Way Woodpecker (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
RE: Animated: Three Apocalyptic Tales for Kids (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)
How Marbles Roll: A Fun Story of Friendship (Snips & Snails Press, 2012)

Re: Animated  (Jamais Vu, Issue #1, Post Mortem Press, 2014)
Re: Animated  (The Lovecraft eZine, Issue #29, The Lovecraft eZine, 2014)
Re: Animated  (Jamais Vu, Issue #2, Post Mortem Press, 2014)
• Re: Animated (Jamais Vu, Issue #3, Post Mortem Press, 2014)
• Hardy’s Quick Guide to Food Allergies
The Original RE: Animated Book
RE: Animated – Peter Rottentail
• Re: Animated – April 2015