“His Flower, His Treasure”


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Synopsis of my story:
Kelvin’s forced to prioritize his wants, desires, and possibly his own life upon tracking down a hidden treasure, and the secret guardian.

Between the Lines – Edited by Michael Knost:

Bram Stoker Award-winning editor and author Michael Knost gave his online writing students an opening sentence and a closing sentence and asked them to write a story Between the Lines.

Every story opens with: “Kelvin pressed against the wound as blood seeped around his hands.”

And ends with: “Watching the train disappear into the night, he brought the flower to his nose before tossing it to the tracks.”

This anthology is the amazing results.

Now, prepare yourself for the wonders you’ll find BETWEEN THE LINES.


13 Questions with Kenneth W. Cain

Recent interview…

Joan De La Haye

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today I have Kenneth W. Cain in the interrogation seat.

Kenneth W Cain author pic

Kenneth W. Cain is the author of The Saga Of I trilogy (These Trespasses, Grave Revelations, and Reckoning), United State of the Dead, and two acclaimed short story collections: These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales. His short stories have been published, and are forthcoming, in several anthologies and publications. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

You can stalk him on his website, Facebook, and on his Amazon author page.

  1.  What drives you to write?

I’ve experienced terribly realistic nightmares as far back as I can remember. At some point in my teens I started jotting them down on a napkin, a scrap of paper, or a sticky note. Nowadays they often end up in my cellphone notes app. Eventually…

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“In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity”


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My essay “In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity” will appear in Writers on Writing Vol. 4 with Stephanie M. Wytovich, William Gorman, Lynda E. Rucker, Doug Murano, Sheldon Higdon, Steve Diamond, and Patrick Freivald.There might even be a last minute addition. Volume 4 should be out in eBook format at the end of October.

Then, about a month later, you can expect the paperback and eBook omnibus of volumes 1 to 4 (all edited by Joe Mynhardt), which will include On Writing essays by:
Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Mercedes M. Yardley, Tim Waggoner, Jasper Bark, Kevin Lucia, Monique Snyman, Todd Keisling, Dave-Brendon de Burgh, James Everington, Mark Allan Gunnells, Lucy A. Snyder, Daniel I. Russell, Theresa Derwin, Paul Kane, Jonathan Winn, Hal Bodner, Ben Eads, Kealan Patrick Burke, Nerine Dorman, Jonathan Janz, Stephanie M. Wytovich, William Gorman, Kenneth W. Cain, Lynda E. Rucker, Doug Murano, Sheldon Higdon, Steve Diamond, and Patrick Freivald.

If you can’t wait that long, be sure to check out volumes 1 to 3 right now. Vol.1 is free when you sign up to Crystal Lake Publishing’s newsletter. They also have a Facebook page for Writers on Writing.

More details to follow.


“The Reaper’s Fire”

TALES FROM THE LAKE VOLUME 3 from Crystal Lake Publishing (includes my story “The Reaper’s Fire”) is now scheduled for an August 26th release. Stay tuned, folks.

The Dark Fiction of Author Kenneth W. Cain


Synopsis of my story:
Dana leads her boyfriend out into a cornfield on Halloween night to learn the identity of an arsonist who terrorized their small town in past years. There in the cornfield, among the drying husks, she contemplates her relationship with her father.

Tales From The Lake Volume 3 – Crystal Lake Publishing – Edited by Monique Snyman:


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(You’ll receive a FREE eBook copy of their very first anthology: For the Night is Dark.)

Table of Contents:
“The Owl Builder” – D. Morgan Ballmer
“Tragedy Park” – Chris Pearce
“Enclosures” – Sumiko Saulson
“Woe, Violent Water” – Lily Childs
“The Cruel” – Harper Hull
“Red Scream with Little Smile” – Paul Edmonds
“Maybelle” – Mere Joyce
“Rodent in the Red Room” – Matt Hayward
“The Deeper I Go the…

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I’ll be participating in the Smashwords July Summer Sale

For the month of July, you’ll be able to pick up digital copies of several my books over at Smashwords by using the special code SFREE at checkout. You must have a Smashwords membership, but signing up is free and easy. Ebooks are available for several different devices and computer applications, including Kindle. If you enjoy the books, consider leaving a review or blogging about your favorite. Feel free to share this post with your friends. My Smashwords profile page is https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/kennethwcain

“Hired Hand”

Digital single of “Hired Hand” out today from Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.

The Dark Fiction of Author Kenneth W. Cain

Available from:

Available from:

Synopsis of my story:
A drunkard gunslinger is forced to standoff against horrible plague local miners brought back with them into town. But if he means to succeed, Hanlin must also find the courage to accept his troubled past.

Six-Guns Straight From Hell 2 – edited by David B. Riley:


Weird western, western horror, crossover stories. They’ve been called a lot of things. The one thing no one should call them is some “new kind of horror.” This is a genre that goes back over 100 years. That always seems to surprise people when I’m giving talks on the subject. I don’t know that labels are really important to anyone but the critics, as they seem to have a compulsive need to label everything. I do know I’ve always enjoyed these stories–whether they’re in comic books…

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“By The Crescent Moon”

State of Horror: North Carolina by Charon Coin Press, which contains my story “By The Crescent Moon” now available in audiobook format.

The Dark Fiction of Author Kenneth W. Cain

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Synopsis of my story:
A disobedient cat leads its owner into a foggy night filled with chaos and happenstance.

State of Horror: North Carolina – Charon Coin Press:

Horror stories set in the state of North Carolina.

Table of Contents:

Dying Days: Grey Man by Armand Rosamilia

The Sacred Cave by Kathryn M. Hearst

The Devil You Know by Matt Andrew

By the Crescent Moon by Kenneth W. Cain

Chicken Bingo by Frank J. Edler

Death with Benefits by Randal Keith Jackson

Dead Girl Mary by Susan Hicks Wong

Fourth Point by Spencer Carvalho

Tools of the Trade by Margaret L. Colton

A Heartbeat in the Darkness by Stuart Conover/Kerry Lipp

Paddy Wagon Pete by L. J.  Heydorn

A Little More Mud in the Pasquotank by Nathanael Gass

A Feast of Sorrow by Frank…

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