Monster Breath (Crossroads Press, TBD)
          • Emergence
Pack Animals
 (Crossroads Press, TBD)
          *Includes the new short story “Inhuman.”
From Death Reborn (Crossroads Press, 2022)
The Infinite Cycle
          • These Trespasses: Book 1 (Crossroads Press, 2022)
                    *Includes the new short story “Eggs in the Attic.”
          • Grave Revelations: Book 2 (Crossroads Press, 2022)
                    *Includes the new short story “Good Brother.”
          • Reckoning: Book 3 (Crossroads Press, 2022)
Storm Shadows (JournalStone Publishing, 2021)
A Season in Hell (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018)
Alexin (Distressed Press, 2015)