Editing: Currently, I charge 1¢ per word for my editing services, with a minimum of $20 for shorter work. Open submission calls are negotiated separately. I offer a comprehensive edit coming from three perspectives: the author, the writer, and the reader. While I often comment on what I like, my focus is on what will improve the work.

Formatting: I charge $100 for both print and digital final files.The cost is $50 for only digital, or just print. Full-bleed images for the print interior costs an additional $25.

Graphic design: I charge $75 for either the digital or the print book cover, with the artwork being supplied or purchased separately. The cost for both is, of course, $100.

Mentor: I mentor through various services. Check with Crystal Lake Publishing for more on this service.

Consulting: I charge $50 per a half hour of consultation.

Proofreading: Heather charges a 1/2 cent per word for her proofreading services.

All other work varies per job.