Synopsis of my story:
Caleb is a special boy whose hunger outweighs any other need. But in his pursuit of sustenance he encounters someone he hadn’t expected. (This story first appeared in THESE OLD TALES)

Fractured Realms:


For too long a time, a shroud of darkness was thrown over those who’ve had boundless potential to transcend greatness – shunned and cast out – often put down and made to feel ‘less than’. But a brilliant mind can’t be caged away forever; instantaneous flickers in time will reveal the magnitude and depth of the human spirit.

Extraordinary people marked ‘not normal’ come from all different walks of life, and at times the rest of us can consider ourselves fortunate to have witnessed moments when they have broken through the shell of misjudgment forced upon them. People like Susan Boyle, from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, who took a bus ride one day that changed her life forever, or Dan Aykroyd, a writer and actor who brought laughter to many on Saturday Night Live. As Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana, who competed in the Miss America pageant, said, “Normal is just a dryer setting”.

Table of Contents:

Edited by Suzie and Bruce Lockhart 2nd

  • “Autumn Leaves” – By Dorothy Davies
  • “The Voice Inside the Mirror” – By Lindsey Beth Goddard
  • “The Wish Box”– By Ray J Robbio
  • “Fragments” – By Kenneth W. Cain
  • “The Online Dead” – By Gary Murphy
  • “Unfounded” – By Jay Wilburn
  • “The Number of the Beast” – By Mathias Jansson
  • “Meteorite on the Move” – By David S. Pointer
  • “Make Me Something Scary” – By Patrick Tomblety
  • “Dark River” – By Thomas Brown

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