“Her Living Corals”

“Her Living Corals” tagline:
When she is alone with her corals, she is happiest. But eventually they always take on a life of their own.

(This is included in Darker Days).

Where to read this story:

Firbolg Publishing

Edited by Dr. Alex Scully


“Parasite” tagline:
When a woman comes in between two brothers, Aiden is left feeling a need to check up on his brother. But when his brother calls him asking for help, Aiden soon discovers the wedge driven between them is more than only love.

(This is included in Embers).

Where to read this story:

Post Mortem Press

Edited by Eric Beebe


“Rebirth” tagline:
 A scientist attempts to soothe his daughter about the loss of her mother through a special creation.

(This is included in Fresh Cut Tales).

Where to read this story:

Crystal Lake Publishing

Edited by Patrick Scalisi

From reviews:
“Kenneth W. Cain’s Rebirth, and Eternal Service by Gloria Weber offer us the chance to entertain our imaginations with their stories of an incredible past where machines alter lives.” ~ The Horror Zine