Synopsis of my story:
A private investigator learns of the special power contained within an old camera. (This story is included in DARKER DAYS).

Exigencies – edited by Richard Thomas:

Table of Contents:

  • “Queen Excluder” by David James Keaton
  • “Wilderness” by Letitia Trent
  • “Ceremony of the White Dog” by Kevin Catalano
  • “Going Home” by Usman Malik
  • “My Mother’s Condition” by Faith Gardner
  • “Blood Price” by Axel Tairi
  • “After Lo” by Pela Via
  • “Heirloom” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • “The Owl and the Cigarette” by Amanda Gowin
  • “Single Lens Reflection” by Jason Metz
  • “Monster Season” by Joshua Blair
  • “Cat Calls” by Rebecca Jones-Howe
  • “Figure Eight” by Brendan Detzner
  • “The Eye Liars” by Sarah Read
  • “Searching for Gloria” by Bill Johnson
  • “And All Night Long We Have Not Stirred” by Barbara Duffey
  • “Everything In Its Place” by Adam Peterson
  • “Brujeria for Beginners” by Marytza Rubio
  • “The Mother” by Nathan Beauchamp
  • “The Armadillo” by Heather Foster
  • “Fragile Magic” by Alex Kane
  • “Desert Ghosts” by Mark Jakowski

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