Re: Animated – April 2015

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The Big Book of Monsters & Friends


200 pages of fun, coloring, activities, games, stories mostly about fun creative monsters

“Lots of fun, good monsters and good stories. My grandson loves this!” — Amazon review

With over 200 pages of fun and activities, the Big Book of Monsters & Friends will be one of the biggest books out there to occupy your child’s young mind. This book includes Kenneth W. Cain’s entire collection of children’s book in black and white, so your child can color the pages as they see fit. Each story is fun and entertaining, designed not to scare kids, but to make monsters fun and entertaining. In these pages children will learn about friendship, allergies, bullying, accepting loss, coping with fears, do arithmetic with a mummy, memorize the alphabet in a fun new way, cook with easy to follow recipes, read rhyming stories, and so much more. They can solve puzzles, complete math problems, and figure out brainteasers. They can create their own comic strip, their own monster, and figure out new words to fill out their own alphabet. They’ll even get to read a story about a marble and learn how to play the game of marbles. This book is jam packed with lots of fun activities and stories to keep your children entertained for days.


Math Is For Mummies: Addition & Subtraction


Mummy makes math fun for all kids.

Mummy and his friend seek to help children learn the basics of addition and subtraction by making it fun. Using a creative twist, the book builds an understanding of addition and subtraction facts your child will be able to use as a foundation for the future. Join mummy in this learning adventure.

RE: Animated: Three Apocalyptic Tales for Kids

Unique characters of the undead designed to entertain the young.

What sort of trouble could four very different zombies get into? Check out the dry humor filled tales of Bruiser, Glutton, Varmint, and Prim. See how their personalities clash in the post-apocalyptic world. Learn what surprises they might encounter in the new world. Also, see Carl Cthulhu as he enters the mainstream schools and tries to adapt, finding himself becoming more of a bully than a friend to those few humans left.

When Vampires Eat Fast Food & Cooking with Monsters

“My little brother really enjoyed it and couldn’t stop laughing.” — Blog review

This book starts with the story of Percy, a vampire who only wishes to fill his needs at the local Blood Baron, which is a fast food restaurant for his kind. When he can’t seem to get his fill, and his visits to the Bloody Baron become more frequent, he finds himself in a horrible situation.

Accompanying this story we have an entertaining short cookbook for kids. With so many children taking an interest in cooking and preparing foods, this cookbook provides easy to follow directions to prepare some chillingly good foods. Find out the favorite recipes of each of our monsters and replicate them yourself.

Recipes included are:
Ghouled Cheese
Ghost in a Box (egg breakfast recipe)
Garlic Smashed Potatoes
Zombie Wings
Yummy Bug Blast

Hardy the Allergic Cat & Willy the Wrong Way Woodpecker

“Kids with allergies might empathize with Hardy the cat.” — Amazon review

Hardy suffers from allergies yet he doesn’t know what makes him sneeze so often. His allergies define him, and affect his life in ways one could only imagine. Join Hardy in this short animated tale and discover how he learns to beat his allergies. It’s a story that just might make you laugh.

“As a future teacher, this book will be re-read to kids!” — Goodreads review

Also included in this book is the tale of Willy, who is a Woodpecker with an unusual story. Based on a true story, the author discovered an injured woodpecker as a child, and named him Willy. Nursed the bird back to health before releasing it back into the wild. Follow this story with a special “twist” and discover what makes Willy so different from all the others.

Frankie’s Alphabet: an A to Z alphabet picture book


“My four year old grandson loves it and because he knows the letters of the alphabet and knows what most of the pictures are, he can read most of it to me.” – Goodreads review

A unique approach to the alphabet, Frankie (named after his creator) delivers a twist to learning the alphabet that will excite and delight your child. While his vocabulary may be limited, he uses fun new words not usually seen in these types of books. Most are accompanied by fun illustrations with unique fonts for each word.