Post Mortem Press Featured Author – Georgina Morales


Q: Tell us a little about your writing. What is your typical genre, your style, the voice you aim for and such.

A: My writing has two sides. On the one side there’s the horror/ supernatural stories I’ve always written and on the other there’s the stories about ordinary Joe’s in less than ordinary situations. These stories tend to be based in Dublin and have a comedy/ drama arc to them. My first novel, Pony Fleming being the best example of this and my new novel, The Barn due out this year, an example of the previous.

Q: Tell us a little about your writing. What is your typical genre, your style, the voice you aim for and such.

A: I’ve been writing a lot of horror and I feel very comfortable with it but I’m already expanding my horizons writing mysteries and thrillers but always with a supernatural twist. At least for now. The other stories that get trapped on my mental strainer are plain straightforward romances. Go figure.

I won’t constrain myself to one genre but I will probably go with a pseudonym since what appeals to me at this point is so far apart.

Q: What are some of the endeavors you have on the horizon, or have been participating in?

A: I have a couple of stories looking for a home, many more on different stages of ‘ready’, and I’m actively writing my second novel, a supernatural mystery based on the legend of Dighton Rock in Plymouth, Ms.

 Q: Do you prefer longer or shorter fiction? And what do you think each provides for your writing?

A: The way stories pop up in my mind is usually in the form of short stories and most of the times they work out perfectly that way. Then, there are the rare few which backgrounds just grow to a complexity that needs a novel to be fully explored. I love to use tidbits of real stories, monsters, or legends to use in my stories and then I develop a specific mythology to surround it. When the mythology gets really complex, I just feel compelled to write a novel and invite the reader into this new world I created.

Q: Let us know a little about your favorite character that you have created, and what makes them your favorite?

A: I don’t have a favorite as of now, like my kids, I love them all. I do enjoy writing not-so-good guys and for that reason writing Lilibeth was a lot of fun. Megan Jennings is the main character on my newest novel Deliverance and I already know everything about her. She’s gone through a horrible experience but hasn’t really healed, and she’s about to experience things that will test her in ways I would never want to experience myself. I feel bad for her and I don’t know if she’ll come out healed on the other side, or doomed. Right now, she’s my favorite because I can feel her pain on my skin. It’s giving me nightmares.

 Q: What do you typically read and how do those authors help to define your own writing?

A: I have a few genres that I enjoy like a kid: Horror, Latin American Literature, Poetry, Biographies, and Historical Fiction. Now, the authors that have had a clear influence on my works are Stephen King, John Saul, Edgar A. Poe, Gustavo A. Bequer, Lorca, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and a few others I can’t remember right now. There’s always a passage or two from each one of these authors that jumps in my mind as I’m writing any given scene. They shine on my head like the Holy Grail I dream of achieving.

Q: What advice might you offer to other writers in their endeavors?

A: Do not quit. There will be times when people won’t believe in what you do, when you don’t believe that you can do it, when the whole world and even the gods seem to be against you. Simply keep on writing. You’ll get better. You’ll learn. And sooner or later they will open a door for you, if only because of your insistence, but the door will be open nonetheless.

What things have you experienced as set backs and potential deal breakers? Also, what things have helped you to gain exposure, bring attention to your stories?

A: Like all in this business I’ve been rejected, criticized, and not taken seriously. It comes with the territory. There are good days and bad days; I just try to focus on the really good ones.

About exposure, I have a blog, a Goodreads account, a Facebook account, not Twitter. That’s where I draw the line. At first I got overwhelmed just thinking of a new clever thing I could say to gain ‘likes’, or a cool thing to post, or a new book club I could get into. Soon I was devoting all of my time to the net and not writing. I know better now. I’d say Facebook has been the most helpful for me since it has connected me with a series of people that I genuinely appreciate. It is not about how many ‘friends’ you have, or to how many groups you sign on. It is about human connections. If you help, offer advise, make friends, then they will be there for you when you need help promoting, or advise with that chapter that just doesn’t work, or bona fide true fans of your books.

Q: Finish this sentence, “Georgina Morales is a…”

A: Georgina Morales is a writer in progress that will never give up.

Q: Anything else you would like to promote, say, or rant about?

A: I could go about the state of the economy, but it’s much too late and The Daily Show’s on. I’ll just say thank you for this opportunity to connect with more people, Ken. To the reader, your fans, thank you for keep going to the last question. If you want to know more about my work, or me just follow the links. I’m a stalker or two short.

Bio: Born in Mexico City, Georgina was always divided between the world of the paranormal, the religious, and science, even as a kid. Through her years in medical school, she experienced and heard all kinds of creepy tales. She, now, writes from her home in Norwalk, Ct. where she resides in the company of her husband and two young daughters. The history of the northeast, its old buildings, and its endless forests provide her imagination with a constant influx of ideas, which combined with her rich background make for her unique style. She’s also a staff reviewer for Dark River Press.