Single Question Interview: Vincenzo Bilof

Zombies, slow or fast or otherwise?


The concept of a zombie should not be defined by stifling conventions; monsters are born in nightmares. If a zombie is an “unreal” composite of death and humanity, an author’s vision of terror might imbue the monster with other details. What are the limitations of a zombie that can run? How fast can it run, and for how long? Why is a zombie moving slowly? Why does it groan? If we can acknowledge that horror includes a fear of the unknown, why should fear be defined? What is left to fear if all conventions have crafted a monster we know? If we suggest that convention dictates the monster, than we suggest the monster itself does not inspire dread. The zombie itself is not the only source of fear. The characterization of the zombie should be used by the artist at will; restrictions hinder genre, story, and innovation.

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