In memory of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary


When my wife reminded me that we were approaching the one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, she suggested I make my children’s books available for free again. How could I disagree? As a parent, it was a day that horrified me and raised my level of concern, not only for my own family, but also for others. It was a dreadful time, and my thought that day had been to offer something to occupy young minds and keep their spirits up in a time of sorrow.

I’m a bit early, but I once more give you all of my children’s books for free with these codes (use at checkout) over at Smashwords, good through the end of the year. Please notice I’ve added a few titles this year. There is now an activity book, some early math help, and a cookbook, among others. I pray these short books bring you and yours comfort, and if they do, I’d love to hear about it.

Feel free to share this post as far and wide as you would like. Gift copies to friends for the holidays. The more downloads I see, the happier it makes me during this time. If you enjoy the books, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, or on your blog, anywhere for that matter. But most of all, enjoy the books and have a wonderful holiday season.

Cooking with Monsters – BL86V

Carl Cthulhu Needs Hugs Too – KE57K

Frankie’s Alphabet – LX89B

Frankie’s Monster Book of Activities – YM35Q

When Vampires Eat Fast Food – VN35M

3 Fun Tales About Monsters – YY27H

Math is for Mummies: Addition – VF93N

Math is for Mummies: Subtraction – TG54N

Willy the Wrong Way Woodpecker – QH24G

Hardy the Allergic Cat – GQ36Y

How Marbles Roll – TK47Y

Re: Animated – VQ35R

Peter Rottentail – DG95F

Nut Free? A Beginner’s Guide to Living with Food Allergies – CT99R