Stories from Hell #1

It’s been 10 years since my father passed. I still hear his voice. See his face. After he passed, I wrote a story that I workshopped at a writers bootcamp (yes, that one). The reception on the story was mixed, about 50/50 on it, so I was anxious to hear the feedback, good and bad, because that story meant a lot to me. And for those 10 long years I just couldn’t figure it out. I hadn’t, in fact, until just before the release of HELL, DELAWARE, and in time to include it. I put a lot of our relationship in that story, so I read it at Authorcon. But I don’t think I’ll read that one again, as I got quite choked up right at the end. That story is “Stamp Collector” if you’re interested; a story inspired by his passing and this little black box he always kept his special trinkets in. #StoriesfromHell

Pick up your copy now:


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