2012 Coffin Hop Post


When I was young, far too young to know the harm I could do to myself by watching terrifying movies, I permanently damaged something inside of me. You see, I was not the sort of child who ate well at dinnertime. I am reminded of this daily as I struggle to get my own children to eat their dinners. However, back then, I had a secret agenda.

While other children played Asteroids or with Lincoln Logs before going to bed, I stretched out dinner as long as I could manage. And for good reason. My mother made me sit at the dining room table until I finished everything that was on my plate, knowing I never would. Still she tried. But I waited because I knew at some point my mother would turn the television to the shows I wanted to see. My seat at the table had a direct view of the television.

From the dinner table I watched full episodes of The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, One Step Beyond, and many more. At the mere age of four I watched The Omen in its entirety. I filled my curiosity of the things that haunted me to my heart’s delight. And then something broke. One night my mother turned on Psycho and life for me would never be the same.

I know what you’re thinking; “I’ve seen that movie. It’s not that bad.” Well I assure you at 4 or 5 years old it is quite terrifying. In fact, I have never looked at taking a shower the same way. I am thankful for my clear shower stall, no curtain needed to hide the things that might be waiting to stab me. It was such a defining moment in my creepy little life.

You see, it is this emotion I feel when taking a shower that I have become obsessed with. I think all children feel it, and although kids now seem a bit desensitized to it all, it is still there. It hides under their beds or sleeps right outside the window waiting to get in. It’s in their closet calling out their name or in the basement. True horror is always there whether we choose to admit it or not. It waits for us, always there in that brief second where the realization that it does exist finds us. It is then it leaps out, causing us to jump out of our skin.

So why the obsession you ask? Why does one obsess so over lack of sleep? Is it because we desire it so or because we loathe the knowing that we will not find rest? My fascination with horror exists simply because I cannot get these images out of my head. These fears have long haunted me, always waiting around one corner or the next, always terrifying. So it is this constant fear that I examine in my stories, trying to discover the truth behind each horror I have encountered.

Does it work? Some, but not much. I sleep lightly, waking often throughout the night. When we stay at hotels I still peek out around the shower curtain expecting to find Norman Bates, or maybe something worse. I know the Boogeyman rests under my bed, waiting for my eyes to close before he makes himself seen. Ghosts sit at the edge of my bed, hoping I will not wake as they study me. These horrors are part of me and likely always will be. And this is why I write.

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~Kenneth W. Cain

26 thoughts on “2012 Coffin Hop Post

  1. I completely hear what you’re saying with respects to The Omen Kenneth… At 4, I saw Alien for the first time and it was terrifying! I do have to thank my parents for their lack of guidance however, because it has certainly made me the horror junkie I am today.

    Julie 🙂

  2. If the curtain or screen isn’t clear, I make sure a shadow can be cast upon it…

    I was 5 or 6 when I first saw Chucky in action in Child’s Play… I giggled my little butt off, but it didn’t stop me from locking my sisters doll’s in their cupboard every night for a few years…

  3. At age 8 I watched the child series Round the Twist – Australian series – and gosh, wow, it scared me. The memory of being scared remained, and watching the same episodes now triggers the same emotions out of me. I’m scared by baby zombies, because they’re innocent but so evil. Gosh. Pet Semetary is awful for that.

    So yes, I check the darkness more than once before going to bed. And I make sure not to say Candyman while staring at the mirror either.

    What can I say? I’m impressionable. 😉

    Johanna K Pitcairn

  4. Kenneth–I can sympathize with your childhood. I was also a picky eater–I was forced to count out and finish 25 peas, and believe me, I didn’t have a 26th! And pretty much everything remotely scary on TV did me in, even after school type specials. Perhaps that’s why we write horror–trying to conquer those childhood fears….

  5. Hi Kenneth

    The first horror I remember watching was Firestarter. Strangely enough I was not terrified. I thought it was cool. I remember trying to move things with my mind after that movie.
    I am also an insomniac and an ultra-light sleeper.

    Great post!
    Happy Hopping!

    – Kim
    coffinhopping from Wrestling the Muse

  6. Hi, Kenneth. Thanks for sharing. Something indeed happens to people like us, doesn’t it? I discovered scary books like Amityville Horror, early works of Uncle Stephen King and Clive Barker, and also Michael Slade, and they activated something within me. It’s unexplainable.
    happy Hopping!


  7. We all, lovers of horror, are damaged one way or another. It never ceases to amaze me when I realize yet another horror writer is quite a scaredy cat. I know I’m one myself. Great post, Ken! Thanks for sharing. Happy hop!

  8. My mom used to make me stay seated at the table until I finished everything on my plate. So I can relate to your experience. Today, I still think Psycho is a scary movie. It’s the black and white, and the music and just the eeriness of it that spooks me. Hitchcock was a master.

  9. I wanted to thank you all for participating. I hadn’t expected so many responses and so I have decided to give away 2 extra copies of the book as a result. I have emailed you all using the emails you provided in your posts. Please see that email for instructions on where to get the book. I have also replied to those of you who have one a copy of the book.

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