The Infinite Cycle

The Infinite Cycle tagline:

After an alien virus is leaked into the general population of southern Illinois, citizens undergo strange mutations. Fearing a widespread infection, the containment area is bombed. Now, after witnessing this virus take hold of his brother, Marty along with a small group of others, fight for their own survival. In their quest to reach the Indiana border—what they believe is a safe zone—their journey is diverted to the root of the issue, and they soon find themselves face to face with the leader of the genetically engineered alien race.

Where to read this book:


Coming soon.

Post Mortem Press

Out of Print

Post Mortem Press

Out of Print

Post Mortem Press

Out of Print

Post Mortem Press

Out of Print

“Grab the series and catch a rising star’s early efforts. You won’t be sorry. Recommended.” — Gene O’Neill, The Cal Wild Chronicles, and Entangled Soul with Chris Marrs

From reviews:
will have you reading until late in the night and hoping it really is just fiction.” — Book Reviews Weekly

“Through the last scene I found myself flipping pages faster and faster, eager to see how it was going to wrap up.” — The Daily Blam

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