• Interviews I’ve participated in:
  1. APB-SAL: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  2. Interview with The Funky Werepig
  3. 5 minutes with the Ginger Nuts of Horror
  4. Interview with John The Aussie
  5. Interview with Michael S. Gardner (scroll down to my interview)
  • Guest blog posts I’ve participated in:
  1. Robert Essig
  2. SF Signal: Our Favorite Women Horror Writers
  3. SF Signal: What’s This “Horror” You Speak Of?
  4. Nut Free Promotion
  • Guest blog posts I’ve hosted:
  1.  Robert Essig: The Genesis of People of the Ethereal Realm – Part Two
  2. Jack Wallen: Cry Zombie Cry excerpt
  • Interviews I’ve conducted:
  1. Robert Essig
  2. Bruce Boston
  3. Jessica McHugh
  4. Jason Downes
  5. Georgina Morales
  6. Lydia Peever
  • Single question interviews I’ve conducted:
  1. Eric Beebe of Post Mortem Press: What scares Eric?
  2. Joe R. Lansdale: What scares Joe?
  3. Vincenzo Bilof: Zombies, slow or fast or otherwise?
  4. Jessica McHugh: Write for fun or for fans?
  5. John Goodrich: Lovecraft, Poe or somewhere in-between?
  6. Lyda Morehouse: What do you think is the future of science fiction?
  7. David Anderson: Gore horror or slight, with a hint of blood?
  8. Christian A. Larsen: When does a character become too real?
  9. Brad Carter: How is humor used in horror?
  10. Lydia Peever: Vampires, extra-crispy or super-sparkly?
  11. Samantha Quick: What are the challenges in writing for young adults?
  12. G Elmer Munson: What makes you click with a character?
  13. Emma Ennis: Long fiction or make short work of it?
  14. Cynthia Pelayo: Is your heritage reflected in your writing?
  15. David Wright: Describe the feeling of being published.
  16. Jamie White: How important (or not) is relating your writing to your past or present residences?
  17. Lori Michelle: Write with purpose or for feeling?
  18. Teel James Glenn: Murder-mystery or mysterious murder?
  19. Nicholas Conley: What are the challenges in creating a believable character that is younger than you, the writer?
  20. C. Bryan Brown: What is the anatomy of a solid character?

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