Early Reader Fiction

As some of you may know, I’ve often offered digital copies of my kid books for free in the past during troubling times. I haven’t done that for a long time, as it seems more often than not this world is always experiencing some level of pain. I created these books for my children, because I wanted to make them smile. That was all I’ve ever wanted. Illustrating them was a labor of love, and make no mistake, each book took quite a bit of effort and time.

For some time now, I’ve been wishing for a wave of positive vibes to wash away all the negativity I see each day. And maybe I can make a small splash, or at least that is my hope. Therefore, I’ve decided to make all of these books free indefinitely. The hard copies will still be available, but now children can enjoy the digital copies for free. I hope these books bring them all a little joy.

Feel free to share the link. Hopefully Amazon matches at some point.


The Big Book of Monsters & Friends  (Published 4/14)

Math Is For Mummies (Published 11/12)

When Vampires Eat Fast Food & Cooking with Monsters (Published 7/12)

Re:Animated (Published 7/12)

Hardy the Allergic Cat & Willy the Wrong Way Woodpecker (Published 5/12)

Frankie’s Alphabet (Published 5/12)

How Marbles Roll (Published 4/12)

3 Fun Tales About Monsters (Published 11/11)



 Re: Animated – October 2013

Re: Animated – Jamais Vu Issue #1: PRINT or DIGITAL

Re: Animated – The Lovecraft eZine #29: WEB or PRINT or DIGITAL

Re: Animated – Jamais Vu Issue #2: PRINT or DIGITAL

• Hardy’s Quick Guide to Food Allergies

• The Original RE: Animated Book

RE: Animated – Peter Rottentail

• Re: Animated – April 2015