Follow the tale of Lara as she transitions from a shy young woman to a shameless vampire, empowering her need for love. Lara’s passion is soon tested when a strange man confronts her. Her every thought is of being in his arms, as his woman, but Lowell is strong-willed and knows much of what their union means.

Lara’s world is further shaken when a young girl named Millicent enters her life and helps her rediscover and understand the woman she once was. Everything Lara once believed of herself is turned upside down. With love blooming, Lara discovers she is unwilling to fully break with her humanity. This unexpected passion forces her to cling to it with every fiber of her being.

But all love comes at a price, and Lara soon realizes that even with her newfound powers, she can still be hurt. All can be taken from her at any time. Together with Lowell they must fight for their relationship, and battle strange enemies to protect their unusual family from dangers Lara does not yet fully comprehend. This woman who once struggled to fit in is now forced to face a reality where her emotions will define her future. Find out what mysteries lay ahead for Lara.


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