The Adventures of Alexin

Sometimes, those you trust most are the ones prone to stab you in the back. Alexin has no choice but to fight, to protect the world she lives in from the unseen evils. But there is a core that would see her world burned down. And because of this, Alexin is thrown into a role she has not yet fully embraced.

Evil lurks around every corner. It hides behind each and every wall, always waiting. She must remain vigilant, ready when called into action, for her life is but an adventure and she must use whatever means possible to achieve her goals. While the mysteries of life have never frightened her, she is haunted by the choices she must make. She is left uncertain of love and friendship, and yet there is always the job.

But things are not always as they seem for our young adventurer. Alexin must discover for herself who can be trusted. And when she does it will shake the foundation of her world, testing her will to survive.


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