United States of the Dead: Civil War, Zombies, and the End of America

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“Think Patrick Henry goes to Zombieland” — Joe McKinney, author of Mutated and Inheritance

The United States of the Dead immerses the reader in post-apocalyptic America where survivors struggle against extreme odds. They battle mutated creatures, many of which seem more like animals than humans. Once men and women, these infected creatures run in packs and attack as a horde. Relying on her intuition and the sharp edge of her sword, Sydney Forrester leads a small group of survivors. Their mission: to uncover the mystery of how this affliction started and determine whether it’s possible to put an end to the contamination. Expect a post-apocalyptic USA, treachery, mutated undead, and various plot twists in this action-packed dystopian thriller that will feed any undead hunger.

This author was featured on bargainbooksy.com

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