Synopsis of my story:
Sometimes one’s own life doesn’t matter when it comes to avenging death. Cole Stryder tries to account for the murder of his men, but matters unfold unexpectedly. (This story is included in FRESH CUT TALES).

GUNSLINGERS & GHOST STORIES – edited by David B. Riley:

Description from Amazon:
Ghosts are not just found in haunted houses. They have a disturbing tendency to turn up where you least expect them: like saloons, brothels, Indian ruins–and sometimes even in the middle of a gunfight. Saddle up for a haunted ride through the Wild West. Featuring spooky stories by Joel Jenkins, Dana Bell, Laura Givens, Henrik Ramsager, Kit Volker, Kenneth W. Cain, Adrian Ludens, C. J. Killmer, Darla Upchurch, John Howard & J. A. Campbell.

Table of Contents:

  • “Old Mother Hennessy” by Joel Jenkins
  • “The Ruins” by Dana Bell
  • “Chin Song Ping and the Hungry Ghosts” by Laura Givens
  • “Gentleman Caller” by Henrik Ramsager
  • “Smoke People” by Kit Volker
  • “Avenged” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • “Ghost Soup” by Adrian Ludens
  • “The Empty Holster” by C.J. Killmer
  • “Forever in Oro” by Darla Upchurch
  • “Mountain Man” by John Howard
  • “The Saloon of Doom” by J.A. Campbell

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