“In the Shadow of the Equine”





Synopsis of my story:
Finding themselves trapped on a scenic island with a mob of mind-controlled zealots, a man desperately tries to protect his son. (This story is included in FRESH CUT TALES).

Reviews for my story:
“It’s an interesting survival story, and one of the more fast-paced offerings of the anthology.” ~ Hellnotes

TORN REALITIES – edited by Paul Anderson:

Description from Amazon:
Torn Realities is not the typical Lovecraft Cthulhu anthology.

Torn Realities deals with Lovecraft’s themes of forbidden knowledge, the idea that we are essentially untethered from the workaday world. Torn Realities explores lunacy-inducing creatures predating the dawn of man- keeping Lovecraft’s most famous theme (the idea of mind-boggling other gods) more general. The stories in this book actively seek the gray area in horror with tales of regular people in irregular situations.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by the editor, Paul Anderson
  • “Opt-In” by J.W. Schnarr
  • “What Waits Out There” by Jamie Lackey
  • “Ancor Sabat” by C. Deskin Rink
  • “By the Side of the Highway” by Philip Roberts
  • “The Art of Lucid Dreaming” by C.M. Saunders
  • “Rawhead Rex” by Clive Barker
  • “The Midnight Librarians” by Brad Carter
  • “The Troll That Jack Built” by Kathryn Board
  • “The Calm” by James S. Dorr
  • “Casa De Los Cadàveres” by Gerard Houarner
  • “In the Shadow of the Equine” by Kenneth W. Cain
  • “Visions of Parin” by Joseph Williams
  • “Amsterdamned” by Mitch Richmond
  • “The Residents of Mossy Rock” by Lee Davis
  • “Delta Pi” by Matt Moore
  • “A Ride in the Dream Machine” by Jessica McHugh
  • “The Offering” by Bob Mustin
  • “Hallowed Ground” by Jeff Suess
  • “The Seventh Plague” by Allie Marini Batts

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