“Ahote’s Spirit”

Out of Print Synopsis of my story:
A Native-American man discovers a creature unlike any other. (This story is included in FRESH CUT TALES).

ULTIMATE ANGELS – edited by Elizabeth LaFond:

Description from Amazon:
Ultimate Angels brings you 13 tales of Mythical horror, from a downtown diner to a backwoods Maine township harboring a dark secret.

Table of Contents:

  • “Jack’s Diner” – Benjamin Rogers
  • “City of Angels” – Teall Tahtinen
  • “Ahote’s Spirit” – Kenneth W. Cain
  • “Eligos” – Suzanne Robb
  • “Darkness in the Heartland” – Dana Bell
  • “The Between” – Brad Zipprich
  • “Fellowship” – Henry Snider
  • “Prince of Thorns” – Cora Zane
  • “Release of the Desert Demon” – Nathalie Kazandjian
  • “Head of the Pin” – William R.D. Wood
  • “Fallen” – Nathan Robinson
  • “Endless Reward” – Ryan Miller
  • “The calming ones” – David R. Wennberg Jr.

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