The Saga of I

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“It’s always interesting to read early work by someone like Richard Laymon, John Little, or Gord Rollo, because you are looking at an established star’s apprentice efforts. Sometimes the work is rough, the writer obviously learning by doing, but the writing and story-line is always compelling. And like those mentioned, Kenneth W. Cain achieves that with his writing. Grab the series and catch a rising star’s early efforts. You won’t be sorry. Recommended.”


The Saga of I
is an alien apocalypse fiction series of a different sort. The reader is placed in an apocalyptic setting in Midwest America where knowledge of a strange Earth-born alien race is revealed. Survivors struggle as their immediate surroundings collapse. With this breakdown comes desperation, disregard, and upheaval. The innocent are forced to seek shelter, and soon band together in an effort to survive in this dystopian thriller.

These Trespasses will have you reading until late in the night and hoping it really is just fiction. ~ Book Reviews Weekly

Alien invasion. War and devastation. Is Earth at its end? We hold precious our families. Work hard to provide for them. Struggle to put food on the table. Care for them when they get sick. What if that all changed? What if those we cared for were inflicted with some horrible disease? Not a disease that killed, but one that pitted brother against brother?

Through the last scene I found myself flipping pages faster and faster, eager to see how it was going to wrap up. ~ The Daily Blam

Marty must face a past he has long tried to escape, as well as a defining future. But Marty is not the only one who knows of the horrors that have interrupted the quiet lives humans have grown accustomed to. Each survivor that joins Marty has an equally traumatizing experience detailed with destruction and suffering.

Like the Walking Dead, but with aliens instead of zombies.

Each time their plight becomes hopeless, they are forced to take the battle to their enemy. Strike most literally at the heart of the matter. And Marty must confront his brother, the great and all-powerful Infinite. Or I as his brother starts to refer to himself. But will Marty be able to drown out the past and do what he must for his friends? And they for him?

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Read about an alien invasion unlike any other. Learn of the strained relationship between Marty and his estranged brother. How far will Marty go for his brother? Can their bond survive a genetically engineered alien invasion?

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