The Saga of I


These Trespasses:


Grave Revelations:





Originally released as:


“It’s always interesting to read early work by someone like Richard Laymon, John Little, or Gord Rollo, because you are looking at an established star’s apprentice efforts. Sometimes the work is rough, the writer obviously learning by doing, but the writing and story-line is always compelling. And like those mentioned, Kenneth W. Cain achieves that with his writing. Grab the series and catch a rising star’s early efforts. You won’t be sorry. Recommended.” — Gene O’Neill, The Cal Wild Chronicles, and Entangled Soul with Chris Marrs

Book 1 in The Saga of I:
An alien invasion brings an unexpected war and devastation to a small Illinois town. As Marty and his friends try to escape the chaos, they’re pitted against a powerful extraterrestrial force led by the calloused monster The Infinite.

“These Trespasses will have you reading until late in the night and hoping it really is just fiction.” — Book Reviews Weekly

Book 2 in The Saga of I:
With the known world brought to its knees, mankind attempts to reclaim some semblance of its past. As survivors find a glimmer of hope, a familiar terror returns after enduring several transformations. Now, Marty and his friends must gather once more to fight their way through an arduous future.

“Through the last scene I found myself flipping pages faster and faster, eager to see how it was going to wrap up.” — The Daily Blam

Book 3 in The Saga of I:
When an old hero dies, a new one rises from the dust to aid mankind in their darkest hours. By aligning himself with an uneasy boy who is trying to follow in the footsteps of his fallen father, they gather with others to battle a horde of strange vampiric beasts. All the while a powerful creature works hard to thwart their efforts.


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